We invite creative people to cooperate


If you are an artist or photographer, then we will make an online exhibition of your work in one of our galleries: ART-GALLERY-SITE or ART-PHOTO-SITE.

If you write on topics related to creativity, then we will publish your article in our online magazine BAZHAN-JOURNAL.

Mariia Michi

I think about the problems of consumption. About the insatiability of people. New purchase becomes the meaning of life. I see it around me. This propeller of...

Frans Van Der Kuil

Last year in May 2018 I visited the town of Harderwijk. A historic town that is buzzing with conviviality. You can enjoy your lunch, a beer or a cup of...

Christos Nicolaos Toutountzis

Her house was well hidden deep in the woods. The children had heard about her from the stories their parents used to tell at nights close to the fireplace...

Giusy Lauriola

I made this artwork at the beginning of the closing of Rome for the Covid 19 and my feeling was that together we will win, For the first time I was using...

Teemu Laulajainen

This picture is combined from three different pictures. My arm, a tree from my home town and a rock. Hand is lit with one flash and the tree is photographed at...

Kazumichi Otsubo

I photographed this sewing machine in 1989 (Maybe ...).  Over the next thirty years, I've used this motif in various works. In 2018, when I was looking at...

Ulla Edsköld Ramstedt

It’s so beautiful when the lake is still warm and the air is starting to get colder and you can see the mist on the lake. I was fortunate to live near this...

Paul J Welch

When something catches my eye it’s always seen in an artistic perspective and I see things in detail that most people don’t. In this case I couldn’t take...

Reviews about us


The paradox is that many people don’t understand art. But how can you possibly understand it? Well, one of the ways is to listen to a painter himself. To the person, who is the creator of a visual image. He always has things to share. An artist is a person with sophisticated sensations, a sixth sense and a unique sharp vision which reflects on our speedy changeable world.

Due to working mostly in his workshop, a painter is hardly ever seen or heard. Many of them don’t even know how to promote themselves or are not very good at presenting their work. Meanwhile they talk to us through their art about most important things, they tackle burning issues. Visual images introduced by ART-BAZHAN speak about vital problems of our time. Guys do everything possible so that each painter could be...

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Mariia Michi


ART-PHOTO-SITE is the first website that gave me a chance to showcase my photography. They were very professional and gave a a detailed answer to all of my questions and queries. They answered all my emails regardless of what time it was and also made me feel like i can definently become an even better photographer in the future so i get to work with them like this again. Thank you so much for featuring my photography and giving me a whole lot of confidence in it. I'm eternally grateful for it.

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ART-GALLERY-SITE is an excellent art platform that aims to publicize the artistic works of amateur artists like me. They provided me with an excellent service for free by publishing one of my works. The personal treatment has been really cordial and I am glad to have collaborated with this site. I hope that other artists collaborate with this platform creating a high quality virtual and cultural space that will progress in the future.

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Álvaro Gómez-Pantoja Mateache


I immediately liked the idea to incorporate the artist's description in the showing of the work of art. So, as soon as these guys proposed me sending one of te paintings with description to them, I accepted. I usually give an idea of what a particular piece of art is about with an elaborate (often long) title. But going beyond that seems inappropriate as there is this feeling that some viewers don't care about the philosophy behind what they see. Well then, how good that there is a page where you do just that! Explain and describe your thoughts beyound your art and see other people's art described by them in detail. I like these guys, their eye for good art and great concepts and it has been an honor to support them and get support in return.

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Elvis Bodeci

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