We invite you to our international team of professionals with experience

Specialist to search for information on the Internet

Customer Service Specialist

Content Manager

SMM manager

Text editor

Recruitment specialist


If you do not have experience or skills, but have a strong desire and will to achieve goals, then write to us. With us, you can go through the practice and get official recommendations.


In return you will receive:

- international experience and practice;

- the opportunity to attract the attention of useful companies and people from the world of art business;

- personal page of our team member on our resource with information about you and your contacts (presentation of your skills on the art platform ART-BAZHAN);

- reviews and recommendations about your activities on the art platform ART-BAZHAN;

- the opportunity to participate in party events of our team.


What needs to be done to get into our team.

Write about yourself. Where are you from? How old are you? What skills do you have? What do you want in return from cooperation?


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